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Richard Campos

“This testimonial is in memory of my father, who always told me, “Son there are two things in this life that you must always have, first is a good doctor, who will always be honest with you concerning your health, the other is a good mechanic, who will always be honest with you in repairing your vehicle.” Well at Belden Alamo Garage Auge Oliverez, shop foreman, Chad and the entire staff are the best. Customer service is the epitome of what customer should be about, and not the attitude of “you need us to repair your vehicle”. Mr. Oliveraz has been repairing my vehicle(s) for over 11 years. This gentleman does not razzle-dazzle you with unneeded work. If its needed he will let you know, but the final decision is yours.

So to Belden Alamo Garage as long as Auge is there I will continue to bring my vehicles to you. God bless and thank you!”


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