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Richard L

“My last visit to the Bulverde location had me in there to have them function check shoddy work from my dealer. Upon completion of a thorough and revealing service, i went to the front desk to pay and was told a simple thank you would do – I was floored! Trust…the outstanding folks at Belden’s have earned mine! I’ve been to the Bulverde location twice now and have received nothing less than outstanding service. All of the folks who work there are honest brokers who WILL NOT steer you wrong and their automotive knowledge is second to none. Do not get an extended service plan through a dealership, go to Belden’s! If dealer service centers were a tenth as good as the gents here, they would would be operating at their optimum effectiveness. The fine folks at Belden’s are my go to guys for everything concerning my families vehicles from here on in – take my advice, go to Belden’s and no where else!”


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