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 When it comes to safety, brakes are the most important component in a vehicle. BG’s high-quality brake products and equipment will ensure quieter brake pads and a safer, longer-lasting and more efficient braking system.

FREE Car Inspection for the month of October ONLY.


  • Spongy brake pedal
  • Corrosion of brake parts
  • Gradual loss of brake function

The BG Brake Service with BG Brake Fluid Conditioner is the ideal solution. Recommended every 30,000 miles (50,000 km), the BG Brake Service completely removes all the old brake fluid and replaces it with fresh fluid, supplemented with a conditioner that will maximize brake fluid performance.


  • Prevents corrosion in master cylinder
  • Cleans varnish from the brake system
  • Removes air from the brake lines
  • Replaces worn brake fluid with BG Heavy Duty DOT 3 or DOT 4 Brake Fluid


  • More responsive brakes
  • Increased vehicle safety
  • Smoother Stopping
  • Quieter brakes

Stop by any of our six locations and make sure your brakes are in top condition, ask for our BG Break Special with Multipoint Inspection. As always, from our family to yours: Buckle up, drive safe and Remember at Belden’s Automotive & Tires “We Keep You Rolling!”