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Are You Back To School Ready?

Hi, Rusty Belden here, for our family at Belden’s Automotive & Tires. The time has come to get back to school ready! Even though a cooler Fall is near, August continues to challenge us with high temperatures. Make sure your car is ready as you get ready to send your kids back to school.  

  1. Anti-freeze – The name doesn’t do it justice. Yes, this integral solution helps to keep your vehicle from freezing in the winter, but it also keeps your vehicle from overheating in the summer by increasing the boiling point of water.  
  2. Belts, Fans, & Hoses – None of the belts should look dry rotted or cracked. If they are, a quick replacement is an easy fix! When checking hoses, they shouldn’t feel mushy or soft, this can mean break down on the inside.  The hoses should be nice and firm and you should find no leaks.  
  3. Battery – It’s a common misconception that the winter is harder on your vehicle’s battery than summer. With the combination of the extra heat under the hood, which depletes a weak battery of its power more quickly, and the added load of the much-needed air-condition, the summer wreaks havoc on batteries. 
  4. Air Conditioner – It’s a fate we all fear: a poorly working or non-existent air conditioner! Make sure those freon levels are in tip-top shape and don’t forget to check you’re a/c system for leaks.  
  5. Fluids – Before the interior check is complete, don’t forget about the details, like the levels of your transmission fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. These will all help keep important components working smoothly and prevent future damage or even catastrophic failure of components.  
  6. Exterior – Last on the list of things is to inspect all those parts on the outside of the hood that can create problems for a long haul. Check your tire pressure as well as the condition of the tires, and always look for burned-out lights needing replacement.  Last but not least, make sure your wipers are working well for those unexpected back to school showers.  

We would love to see you at any of our six locations to assist you with all of these checks, and more. Make sure to ask about our BG Coolant Service Special with a free Multi-Point Inspection. As always, from our family to yours: Buckle up, drive safe and Remember at Belden’s Automotive & Tires “We Keep You Rolling!”