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Preventive Maintenance

Belden’s Automotive & Tires cares about its customers and believes vehicle maintenance is critical to ensure the safety, reliability, and longevity of our customers’ vehicle. Belden’s Automotive & Tires has guidelines in place for our customers’ vehicle’s fluids based on time and mileage. In order for our customers to avoid catastrophic failure and for the longevity of their vehicle, Belden’s uses a proactive approach to preventative maintenance that helps ensure safety, reliability and fewer unexpected repairs.   

The most popular products and services that Belden’s utilizes on customer’s vehicles are BG Products. BG Products is dedicated to making vehicles last longer and perform better.  Here are a few products and services that we provide:

  1. BG 44K – Thoroughly cleans fuel systems, restores performance and improves fuel economy.  BG 44k is a fuel additive that will safely remove engine deposits and improve your engine’s performance.   
  2. Fuel Induction Service –BG fuel induction service cleans your entire fuel system as well as the air intake and air management system utilizing a patented chemical to remove carbon buildup in systems ultimately improving performance, the longevity of the vehicle and to create better fuel economy.  
  3. BG Brake Service – The function of brakes creates extremely high temperatures which can cause your brake fluid to breakdown.  The BG Brake service quickly and effectively flushes all oxidized and corrosive fluid from the braking system replacing it with fresh brake fluid.  The result will be a longer-lasting, more efficient and a safer braking system.
  4. BG Coolant Flush – Your engine’s cooling system consists of more than the radiator, the water pump circulates coolant to many components that require temperature regulation.  Extreme temperatures compromise the cooling system with rust and corrosion. The BG Coolant service cleans and replenishes your vehicle’s entire cooling system with premium coolant and conditioners, thus preserving and protecting your vehicle cooling system internally from rust and corrosion.  
  5. BG Transmission Flush – Due to extreme temperatures, transmission fluid over time degrades and stops cleaning and protecting its hundreds of moving parts.  The BG Transmission Service extends transmission life, preventing such problems and common concerns such as transmission “shudder, slipping, and hard shifting” thus reducing overall maintenance costs by removing all old fluid and replaced by premium fluid and conditioners.

Belden’s Automotive & Tires recommends BG products and services to our customers to help prevent premature or catastrophic failure. Thus, promoting longevity of the vehicle with the added BG Lifetime Protection plan that is accompanied with BG services, helping customers keep their vehicles longer vs. having to buy a new one.  Buckle up – drive safe and remember at Belden’s Automotive & Tires “We Keep You Rolling!” BOOK AN APPOINTMENT!