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What’s Your MPG?

$189.99 Diesel Injection Serivice Summer Special. For a limited Time Only. Save $100, regular price, $2889.99
The interest in diesel vehicles is gaining popularity in the US, with Texas being the leader in registered vehicles. Diesel vehicles are a proven player typically offering better fuel efficiency, great driving range, and superior performance. Not only that, clean diesel technology in today’s properly maintained vehicles emits near-zero levels of emissions. However, you may have started experiencing any of the following:
$189.99 Diesel Injection Serivice Summer Special. For a limited Time Only. Save $100, regular price, $2889.99

  • Rough Idle
  • Hard Starting
  • Loss of Power
  • Decreased Mileage
  • Increased Exhaust Smoke
  • Slow Throttle Response

Diesel fuel deposits can form in many areas of the fuel system including fuel lines, injector pump, injector nozzles and combustion chamber causing any of the listed above along with drivability problems. Belden’s offers the BG Diesel Injection Service that will help:

  • Increase Power and Performance
  • Increase Miles per Gallon
  • Decrease Smoke Emissions
  • Improve Accelerator Response

The BG Diesel Injection Service will remove deposits from the fuel injectors, clean soot- black deposits from the fuel filter, prevent component corrosion and clean stubborn oil deposits. The service is intended to optimized fuel economy, prevent failure of very expensive fuel injectors, and increase overall engine performance and drivability. Fuel Injectors that are clean and functioning properly are key to getting the best performance and fuel mileage from your diesel engine.

Let Belden’s Automotive and Diesel Service perform a BG Diesel Fuel Injector Service before the special ends. 

Belden’s Diesel Service, “Your One Stop Diesel Shop”

  • Specializing in advanced, in depth diesel diagnostic and engine repair
  • Able to provide all preventative diesel maintenance services
  • From ¾ ton all the way to most heavy-duty applications
  • Quality diesel repairs with quick turnaround – you don’t have to wait months for the dealer
  • 24 month, 24,000 mile nationwide warranty, even on diesel
  • Highly qualified Diesel Technicians