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    Jennifer Beckey

    Love the Folks at the Bulverde Road Location

    “Love taking my car to the Bulverde location b/c the folks in there are so kind, genuine and know what they’re doing. They bend over backwards to get you the best deal and are honestly the most trustworthy folks out there. Take your car(s) to Beldens and only Beldens. Thanks for always helping me out. Love Karl and Alex.”

  • Belden's Automotive & Tires

    Daphne M. Sohocki

    “Dear Members of the BNI North Central Platinum Referrals Chapter,

    Over the past few years, we have been taking both of our vehicles to Beldens Automotive and Tire for repair. We are always greeted warmly on the phone and in person, and they always listen and give us their full attention.

    At Beldens, they always inspect the vehicle for normal wear and tear stuff and give us an assessment of the “health” of our vehicle. They guide us through the problems, the estimated time of repair, and the costs, in a very professional manner. They always have the work done when promised. They will even drive you and pick you up if you need to leave your car.

    I highly recommend you give Beldens Automotive and Tire a try next time your car needs a checkup, oil change, tags, etc. They have several locations around town.”

  • Belden's Automotive & Tires


    Awesome Service! Affordable prices!

    “I go to the Bulverde location because these band of brothers that I trust with my car when my car’s bringing up problems. Check out the problem IMMEDIATELY. They don’t waste my time because they know my time is money & the job gets done efficiently. Why I highly recommend this location?

    They inspect everything thoroughly & can compete pricing with any other mechanic shop in the city. They deliver High quality work & saves you time. Since my vehicle had to stay over night. They dropped me off & when the job was finished. They picked me up! I have a European car & their prices are way more affordable than the European specialists. They are very knowledgeable about any vehicle that goes there. Give them a try even if you just need a light bulb replaced, an oil change, an inspection & develop your own opinion. They are also next door to Lone Star Auto Boutique where I got my Phantom S5 tints put on. This neighborhood is full of class.”

  • Belden's Automotive & Tires


    “Was visiting my grands from out of town and noticed transmission was slipping occasionally. Stopped in B and they quickly noticed my fluid level was low , topped it off and checked it for leaks. I tried to pay for the work but they told me I didn’t owe them anything. Great service. Thanks”

  • Belden's Automotive & Tires

    Richard L

    “My last visit to the Bulverde location had me in there to have them function check shoddy work from my dealer. Upon completion of a thorough and revealing service, i went to the front desk to pay and was told a simple thank you would do – I was floored! Trust…the outstanding folks at Belden’s have earned mine! I’ve been to the Bulverde location twice now and have received nothing less than outstanding service. All of the folks who work there are honest brokers who WILL NOT steer you wrong and their automotive knowledge is second to none. Do not get an extended service plan through a dealership, go to Belden’s! If dealer service centers were a tenth as good as the gents here, they would would be operating at their optimum effectiveness. The fine folks at Belden’s are my go to guys for everything concerning my families vehicles from here on in – take my advice, go to Belden’s and no where else!”

  • Belden's Automotive & Tires

    Robert Salgado

    “I’ve had a couple of my cars serviced at this location, through the years and I have never had an issue with the service. The entire staff, is very professional, courteous and honestly second to none in customer service. Since I live very close to this location, it’s very convenient and if one of my cars needs to be looked at, Belden is where I’ll bring it. Lastly, recommending Belden to my friends is easy to do. I let them know they will not be disappointed. Thank you.”

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    Richard Campos

    “This testimonial is in memory of my father, who always told me, “Son there are two things in this life that you must always have, first is a good doctor, who will always be honest with you concerning your health, the other is a good mechanic, who will always be honest with you in repairing your vehicle.” Well at Belden Alamo Garage Auge Oliverez, shop foreman, Chad and the entire staff are the best. Customer service is the epitome of what customer should be about, and not the attitude of “you need us to repair your vehicle”. Mr. Oliveraz has been repairing my vehicle(s) for over 11 years. This gentleman does not razzle-dazzle you with unneeded work. If its needed he will let you know, but the final decision is yours.

    So to Belden Alamo Garage as long as Auge is there I will continue to bring my vehicles to you. God bless and thank you!”

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