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The primary purpose of your vehicle’s exhaust system is to guide waste gases from the engine away from passengers, but it also works to make your engine run correctly, increases fuel efficiency, and decreases emissions that pollute the air.

Regardless of if your exhaust system is a single, dual, or high performance if you smell strong exhaust fumes, hear vibrating when your vehicle is running, or experience a loss of power, stop by or schedule an appointment at our custom exhaust shop in Boerne TX. These things may be indications that not only your exhaust system needs attention, but that your motor isn’t performing at its peak.

Custom Exhaust Shop Boerne TX | Belden's Automotive & Tires

Belden’s Automotive & Tires Boerne expert technicians will do a thorough inspection to identify broken, missing, or malfunctioning parts, or leaks and advise you of recommended repairs.

A car exhaust system is a very vital component of your car. It functions to boosts up your vehicles’ horsepower and torque, thereby maximizing the car engine’s exhaust flow rate. There are several types of exhausts available, and many car owners prefer a custom exhaust system for better fuel efficiency and an appealing car sound.

Some of the common types of car exhaust systems are:

The Cat-back Exhaust System is among the most popular exhaust upgrades and generally replaces the full exhaust after the catalytic converter including the muffler.

The Header-back Exhaust System replaces nearly everything from the header collector to the tailpipes. While this allows for more customization opportunity, these systems tend to be more expensive.

The Turbo-back Exhaust System in every case will generate more power than a cat-back and are only an option if your vehicle is a turbo. Typically replacing the downpipe and catalytic converter this is a much more comprehensive system.

Mainly custom exhausts, as the name describes, can be fitted and configured as per the vehicle type. Custom exhausts provide greater refinements, which allow the use of twin dump pipes and primary runner lengths and mufflers of various sizes. In this way, custom exhausts offer excellent performance boost from the exhaust system. You can contact our exhaust shop in Boerne to get the best custom exhaust and related services. Belden’s Automotive and Tires installs and services top brand exhaust systems. You can get complete exhaust replaced, or we can fix the worn out pieces, be it mufflers, and flex pipes or hangers. Do you have any idea for how you want your car exhaust to look and sound? We can customize, fabricate and completely modify your exhaust system.