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Not only needed for a good performance, but the car muffler also provides good looks and sound. A muffler is an essential part of the exhaust system of a car. Its primary functions are getting the engine gas and smoke away from the vehicle, minimizing the exhausts and suppressing the noise from the engine. Based on its role it is sometimes referred to as a silencer. There are many types of car mufflers. The most common one is the absorber muffler, which constitutes a sound-absorbing material mainly made up of fiberglass encased inside a metal sheet for protection. Absorption mufflers generate less back pressure and offer simpler designs, which are its significant advantage.

Another type of muffler uses reflection techniques to reduce car noise in a better way than the absorber mufflers. However, on the negative, they generally create higher backpressure, which limits engine performance.

Contact our muffler shop in Boerne to get the muffler of your choice to make your vehicle stand out with its look and sound.

Well known in Boerne for providing superior muffler repair services for years, Belden’s Automotive & Tire mechanics have the knowledge and expertise required to repair your mufflers and get you the one to match your choice and budget. A muffler is a vital part of your car, and it must function properly for great performance, lower fuel consumption and a superior sound. Visit our muffler shop in Boerne if your car muffler isn’t working properly. Our mechanics provide muffler repair service at the most reasonable prices. If you want a customized muffler, we can get one that suits best with your car. We aim at providing the most professional and quality work.